21 July, 2021


On July 13, on the occasion of Shengze Fashion Week, Virginia Vale Ibiza’s bridal collection paraded on the Asian continent. The event demonstrated once again that the talent of the designer blurs the traditional concept of weddings to place it in a modern and contemporary context. For Vald, a wedding should be intimate but at the same time sophisticated and fun. Many of her designs tell stories of bucolic afternoons on the white island where love and design come together to produce this collection.

Virginia Vald at 2021 Shengze Fashion Week

The creativity of fashion is a powerful driving force that promotes the extension of the textile industry to the middle and upper end of the value chain. Shengze Fashion Week 2021 adheres to the concept of “origin, originality, fashion and fashion”, with the theme “Siyun Oriental Fashion Shengze”, focusing on the integration of the industry and the city, and linking the industry, the market and commercial circulation with fashion.

Shengze Fashion Week covered five sections of shows, exhibitions, competitions, meetings and business. There were more than 30 different activities and brought together more than 1000 experts in the industry, including the top ten designers in China, independent designers and internationally famous. Virginia Vald Ibiza’s designs shone on the catwalk, bringing a piece of the island to the Chinese city.


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