21 June, 2021


This 2021 Adlib Ibiza celebrates 50 years of history. What is known as traditional Ibizan fashion resides on this catwalk under the work of 15 designers who create and produce all their collections on the island. However, a clear novelty of this edition was the designer, Charo Ruiz, who joined the proposals of Tony Bonet, Ibimoda, Piluca Bayarri, Virginia Vald, Vintage Ibiza, Etikology, Ibiza Stones, Ivanna Mestres, Monika Maxim Ibiza, Estrivancus , Espardenyes Torres, K de Kose Kose, Dolors Miró, S72 Hat and Elisa Pomar.

Under the Consell Insular d’Eivissa, they announced that after the break suffered last year in Ibiza there was a lot of desire for fashion and the catwalk. On this island, fashion is more than clothes. Being one of those few places where you can boast of having created and exported an original and recognizable style, the ad lib. Native and artisan garments passed through the filter of the hippy influence, where we find white dresses, with ruffles or lace, which clearly evoke a walk through the streets of Dalt Vila.

This is how María Fajarnés, executive director of economic and business promotion, believes: “It is a concept recognized throughout the world that makes anyone who sees a dress with ad lib influence in any corner immediately think of Ibiza, evoke or recreate their holidays and wish or decide to return to the island. Our fashion is a memory ”. For this reason, he argues that it should be considered a cultural and tourist attraction and is the property of the Consell d’Eivissa, which several decades ago sensed its potential and owns the Adlib Ibiza brand.

The person in charge of presenting this special edition was the model and presenter from Madrid, Nieves Álvarez. Dressed as Virginia Vald, she took the witness from her friend Cayetana Guillén Cuervo. In addition, he referred to Adlib fashion as “talent, crafts and culture”, “night and day” and “an activity that has managed to cross borders”. He also recalled that “it is the only fashion brand in the world that has a designation of origin” and was “grateful to see how fashion shines again after such a hard year.”

However, before the start of the parade, a big surprise came to the large audience. Three of the great models that the history of our country has given, Vanesa Lorenzo (dressed as Virginia Vald) Martina Klein and Verónica Blume, appeared by surprise at the event.

After starting, Virginia Vald appeared on the catwalk showing her well-known bridal gowns grouped under the Boheme collection, directly inspired by the 70s. Proposals full of joy and emotion with very different colors, suggestive necklines, voluminous skirts, baroque sleeves and dresses ethereal that you don’t want to miss.

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