Haute Couture

The most exclusive fashion collection, made to measure using artisan techniques, by Virginia Vald. Haute couture made in Ibiza and designed for a brave, powerful, daring, ground-breaking and confident woman.

A couture and haute couture collection in which each piece is a different world, hand-sewn with a keen eye for detail and using precise, high- quality artisan finishes.

A world that recreates the Virginia Vald universe through every dress. All connected by a single sensation: the sensation of being your true self!


This time, black has taken centre stage and accompanies the bronze and nude that characterise the label, forming the base for an absolute mix of colour to explore and play.

Pastels and bright colours create the palette to represent the indescribable, making each dress blend and merge with the next, giving rise to a collection in which stars and star-shaped flowers have a strong presence.

“Siren” dresses that envelope the female form in pure glamour, exuding brilliance for genuine women with a unique essence.


Inspired by sophisticated, bohemian women who follow the sun until nightfall. Emphasising the female figure with openings and transparent fabrics that shine with vibrant and metallic materials to light up the night on those unmissable occasions, full of glamour and fun, where the party goes on until the sun comes up.

Virginia Vald has created this haute couture collection from her personal perspective on the fashion world. In her own words, “I design to give women the power and freedom to be themselves, to be at all times the woman they want to be.”