The collection emerged from the inspiring Mediterranean light and an innate love for nature, and recreates Ibizan fashion from its pure essence through natural fabrics.

Designs with sensual lines that adapt in every situation to a free woman, emanating freshness, light and the magical sunrises of Ibiza.

The Virginia Vald Spring Summer collection is defined through four fashion lines that develop through distinct styles, colours and fabrics to dress every woman on every occasion.


Adlib fashion’s purest essence.

The Ibiza line is a fusion of the Ángel and Guipur lines, which represent the style par excellence of Ibiza. Fashion in its pure state from the White Isle. Delicate, chic, casual style.

The colour white is the protagonist in fabrics such as cotton, guipure and lace trims, forming the unmistakeable mark of a label that, this year, incorporates the colour black in certain details and necklines decorated with organza ruffles.


Ideal to wear to the beach without losing your style or identity. Daring, transparent, summery textiles to dress a feminine woman.

Unlined lace and sensual cuts and necklines steal the show, through the use of black and white as a base on which coloured details play.

For the first time, the label presents a selection of garments in lavender and nude tones, echoing the soft colours of the sand and the sea.

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Suggestive, seductive designs that inspire daring, bohemian women.

The dresses liberate and intertwine different fabrics and colours, combining lace and mesh in mint greens, turquoise blues and corals.

Black and white are still present in the line, holding their place in the most classic and timeless garments.


Especially designed for powerful, sexy and daring women, inspired by ‘80s glam rock.

Black, the colour of the night, plays with the feminine body, allowing glimpses of its shape through the use of transparent fabrics and layering. Tulle with stars, sequins and sparkle stands out, together with studded imitation leather details.

Unique, unconventional and timeless pieces to dress like a modern-day empress at parties and special occasions.

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